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17 September 2011, by Emmanuel Dieul

PNG - 142.1 kb
Global view
represents the global view of ODT: editor, package explorer, outline, problem view...
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Project configuration
which is used to configure builder profiles, source folders, target executables...
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Automatic build
is launched when the project configuration has changed
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Standard library view
is useful when the reference manual is not available
PNG - 108.4 kb
Lex editor
in order to lex (then yacc) external files
PNG - 97.2 kb
Yacc editor
in order to yacc (after lex) external files
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Grammar editor
is the ml/mli editor which can also be used to define grammars


November 2013

ODT 3.0 released: code completion and others

January 2013

ODT 2.3 released : OCaml 4.00 support

April 2012

ODT 2.2 released : folding code and full indentation

January 2012

ODT 2.1 released : interface generation, libraries and referenced projects

September 2011

ODT 2.0 released : camlp4 integration, separate compilation and more...

December 2010

ODT 1.3.1 released : OCaml 3.12.0 support

October 2010

ODT 1.3 released : many improvements