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ODT 1.3 released : many improvements


A new ODT release is born. I know the 1.2 release wasn’t really useful. That’s why I worked a lot to made ODT more usable.

This version of ODT is labelled « ODT 1.3 ».

You can install it as explicated in the install page. Be aware that the installation process has changed ! It now uses the standard eclipse software installer.

The 1.3 release has been tested with:

  • Eclipse 3.5,
  • Java (Sun Microsystems) 1.6
  • OCaml 3.11

Be careful : ODT 1.3 is not compatible with new features of OCaml 3.12.

This new release includes many bug fixes and improvements. In this release, you will find:

  • indentation corrections, especially with comments
  • adaptation to Eclipse 3.5 and the Common Navigator Framework (i.e. refactoring of the package explorer)
  • support of team framework (CVS/SVN interactions)
  • hyper-link detection : it’s now possible to go to a variable definition in the local file or in another file of the current project (mechanism based on the -annot OCaml compiler results)
  • review of the outline :
    • now the full abstract syntax tree is supported
    • many simplifications has been made to have a more high-level oriented outline
    • constant synchronisation between the editor caret and the outline
  • review of the OCaml interactive console
  • use of eclipse software installation mechanism to install ODT plugins (now can use automatic updates)
  • many other bug fixes

Thanks a lot for using ODT !