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ODT 2.1 released : interface generation, libraries and referenced projects


A new version of ODT, labelled « ODT 2.1 », has been released.

You can install it as explicated in the install page. Be aware that the installation process has changed ! It now uses the standard eclipse software installer.

The 2.1 release has been tested with:

  • Eclipse 3.7,
  • Java (Sun Microsystems) 1.6
  • OCaml 3.12.0 and 3.11.0

This new release includes the following functionalities:

  • interface (.mli) generation from body files (.ml) by the way of the package explorer
  • libraries (cma/cmxa files) can be produced via the project properties (like executables or grammars)
  • project references are now taken into account:
    • libraries used into a builder profile can be selected into a referenced project
    • grammar source file can be stored into a referenced project
    • when a project is no more referenced, every target (executable, library or grammar) is updated (or deleted for grammars)

ODT 2.1 also brings some corrections or enhancements:

  • minor outline enhancements (editor isn’t repositioned on editor changes)
  • correction of builder path sort in compilation order
  • minor indentation corrections with loops
  • correction of compilation order on wingw/vc ocaml distribution on windows

Thanks a lot for using ODT !