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ODT 2.0 released : camlp4 integration, separate compilation and more...


A new version of ODT, labelled « ODT 2.0 », has been released.

You can install it as explicated in the install page. Be aware that the installation process has changed ! It now uses the standard eclipse software installer.

The 2.0 release has been tested with:

  • Eclipse 3.7,
  • Java (Sun Microsystems) 1.6
  • OCaml 3.12.0 and 3.11.0

This new release now includes camlp4. For this feature, a lot of modifications/enhancements have been made into ODT:

  • complete review of the option management for the camlp4 integration and also the (conditional or not) compilation for the executable production (feature request #1738337: preprocessor support).
  • complete review of the project preferences management (core + ui)
  • correction of -w and -warn-error sub-options
  • specific camlp4 warning message interpretation
  • now libraries are specific to builder profiles
  • correction of options which are not compatible with builder profiles (e.g. -vmthread and native mode) and with compiler releases

The tutorial has been updated to present the global ODT behaviour.

This release also brings the following points:

  • better "let" indentation (feature request #1788592: ability to switch off some editor features)
  • corrections when ocamlc is not in the $PATH (plug-in errors)
  • correction of bug #3293025 (foreground colour is still black)
  • corrections of the user specified ocamlc location
  • use of java 1.6 (@Override annotations)

Thanks a lot for using ODT !