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ODT 3.0 released: code completion and others


A new version of ODT, labelled « ODT 3.0 », has been released.

You can install it as explicated in the install page.

The 2.2 release has been tested with:

  • Eclipse 4.2.2 (Juno),
  • Java (Sun Microsystems) 1.6
  • OCaml 4.00.1

This release brings many sound modifications into existing parts of ODT, and many of these are not visible to the user. Therefore, some things have been abandoned:

  • no compatibility with the project configuration before ODT 2.0 (09/2011): if you have to migrate such a project up to ODT 3.0, please migrate to ODT 2.3 before
  • no more support for OCaml 3.09

This new release also includes the following functionalities:

  • automatic code completion assistant for modules and classes (see limitations into the tutorial)
  • hyperlinks are computed like automatic code completion, so that they can, for example, directly point to a standard library or access to the definition of a record field

ODT 3.0 also brings some corrections or enhancements:

  • display of linking errors on the main source file of the executable
  • display of code incoherences between ml and mli files for "on the fly" compilation
  • management of the "include" keyword into indentation
  • correction of the outline when files contain the "let open" construction
  • many evolutions into the automatic code compilation
  • ...

Thanks a lot for using ODT !